Bought in early 2016 these gloves have seen light use and RRP at £14.99.

The Victory group of clothing is Royals DH race line, in general products made for DH are built strong and tough to survive the abuse that downhill riding hands out. Royal have taken a different approach, and the Victory line tends to feature no fuss simple clothing.


The marketing slogan for the gloves could of been:

Picture being in a field on a beautiful summers day, wandering along you come across a spider busily building its web. A gentle breeze pulls some of the lightest threads away from the web to be carried away lazily through the air. Its with these strands that we create our Victory DH gloves

They really are thin and light.

We got these in the winter, and so they didn't get much use until the spring, as the back of the glove is a thin mesh, and the palm is dotted with breathable holes, and so don't offer much in the way of insulation.

Fit was good, with a small velcro tab to hold them in place on the wrist.

As the gloves are so thin, they didn't get used for much DH style riding where we felt that just one crash could likely destroy them completely. They also don't offer much in the way of protection, so impacts from branches and stones aren't padded away at all. Instead they were used for XC racing and casual summer rides.


Despite this fairly limited use, the stitching did come apart in a few places around the fingers, and eventually, the thumb wore through. These were repaired, but the Victory gloves really aren't up to much in the way of abuse. To add to this, the rubber Royal logos and details have also started to peel off, making the gloves look scruffy.


The Victory gloves strong points is that it's great in hot weather, but the poor longevity and unsuitability for proper DH riding means they have turned out to be a bit of a disappointment.