Mountain biking is great. The simple act of riding your bike offroad is wonderful. Exploring the outdoors, getting lost and sliding around in the mud, or drinking in a stunning view over epic mountains remains one of lifes great joys.

Sadly, many in the bike industry and scene seem hell bent on making things as complicated and frustrating as possible whilst trying to squeeze every penny out of the consumer. Sometimes this seems backed up by elements of the mountain bike media who just parrot out company press releases as reviews, and never shine a critical eye over anything they get sent to test for fear of upsetting the people who indirectly pay their wages. They are acutely aware which side of their bread is buttered, to the point of journalistic paralysis. was started as a reaction to the "every product we review gets a minimum of 4 stars and we found no issues, everything is awesome!" that seems so prevalent on many blogs, websites , magazines and Youtube videos.

We aim to try and give honest, detailed long term reviews of products, warts and all.

The Perpetual Disappointment team