This Raceface 30mm threaded BB came with one of our current bikes, after about 4 months we noticed some play in the crank arm. Paired up with Raceface cinch cranks we assumed the play was because of the plastic pre-tensioner was coming loose (due to the use of a screw so small you need a microscope and surgical tweezers to tighten it).  When inspecting the BB however, we could see and feel play already within the bearings. Whilst this was over a muddy winter, we would assume that a BB would last longer than this. Stripping, cleaning and packing with heavy duty marine grease improved things and allowed for a couple of months more riding, before the BB totally seized up, and refused to turn at all, on both sides.  

Here be dragons

We've had this BB on 2 different bikes, and both failed within similar time frames.

Looking to replace the BB to a Hope one, as a final kick in the teeth, you need a special Raceface tool coming in at a tasty RRP of £24.99. Yes. £25 for a single use tool as there is no way in hell we're ever letting one of these get near one of our bikes again.

This BB is one of the worst products we've come across, it's basically disposable rubbish, and something that really isn't massively complicated. IT'S LITERALLY JUST 2 BEARINGS THAT NEED TO GO ROUND AND ROUND. This is a solved problem the world over in many applications.

The only reason we can see for its existence is that it's light. Very light. The replacement Hope feels much more substantial. We assume that when speccing up a complete build, Raceface can offer a crankset/BB combo at a good price and weight to the bike manufactures. If possible we would suggest getting your LBS to remove the BB on delivery themselves to save having to fork out for the tool in a few months time.

Added resistance training comes as standard

Check out the Chainreaction reviews for more evidence of the low quality of this product.


Whilst the RRP of £39.99 might seem reasonable, the incredibly short lifespan and requirement of a special £25 tool means it's a false economy. This product sums up everything that is wrong in the mountain bike world, light weight over reliability and longevity, propitiatory tools to replace and a disposable mindset.  

We can only recommend this product if you actually don't like your friends or riding your bike, and you need a convenient excuse not to go outside.