Churning through the endless dull press-releases-as-legitimate-content on many mountain bike sites, every so often a little nugget of gold shines out. The No-EXIF series of videos and photos is one of them. In the series Hoshi Yoshida (whose website seems to be down at time of writing) talks about his experiences of shooting analog film photos on his Leica M6.

Both the photos and the accompanying videos are excellent, well made heartfelt pieces which is such a breath of fresh air in the all too often formulaic mountain bike media world.

Episode 1: Going Analog with Hoshi Yoshida

Episode 2: the 2015 XC World Cup

Episode 3:  DH World Cup

Episode 4: Stills from the Builder movie shoot

Episode 5: Back in Time

Hopefully we can see more of this style content in the future, well done to Pinkbike for showcasing this and we look forward to further episodes of the No EXIF series.