Bad review

The Bikeradar review of the Yeti SB130, nearly 1000 words, but so little information.  Just listing some geo numbers (which are repeated in the right column anyway), then the insightful "It climbs better than the 150mm S150 but doesn't descend as well". Has someone done some research that ~1000 words is the ideal count for SEO or reader attention? Is it just a case of trying to get the review out first before the competition? Who knows, but at £7,800 it would be hard to make a buying decision based on the sparse information in that article.  

The Pinkbike first ride of the same bike isn't much better, but at least it's appended by "Look for a full review later this year".

Good review

VitalMTB really pulled out all the stops on this one. At 36mins long it goes into some proper detail on how the 5 bikes ride, and some proper back to back testing. There's lots of information on what they did to the bike setup, and why as well as some actual data with some timed race runs. Showing shots of the climbs was also great, and something which bike reviews nearly never do. Bravo.