As a follow up to our popular What tyre pressures to top EWS Enduro and World Cup Downhill riders use? article we thought it might be interesting to take a look at what handle bar widths the top pro riders are using in both DH and Enduro racing.

We compared rider height to bar width to get a ratio similar to how we looked at tyre pressures. Correct bar width is still a bit of a mystery it seems, with no reliable formula. This is likely down to the fact that height isn't the only factor which affects choosing a width. Arm length, torso length, leg length, bike length, stem length and just general personal preference and comfort all have a big impact on what size bars people like to use. With that it's debatable how much can be gleaned from the tables below, but it's always fun to compare.

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The data used was the most recent possible, with nothing over a couple of years included.


Name Height (cm) Bar Width (mm) Ratio
Rémi Thirion 174 780 2.23
Amaury Pierron 180 800 2.25
Danny Hart 178 760 2.34
Troy Brosnan 167 750 2.23
Brook Macdonald 170 775 2.19
Loïc Bruni 185 780 2.37
Mark Wallace 180 780 2.31
Gee Atherton 185 790 2.34
Connor Fearon 177 760 2.33
Sam Blenkinsop 185 790 2.34
Rachel Atherton 172 775 2.18
Tahnée Seagrave 169 760 2.22
Marine Cabirou 160* 770 2.08
Myriam Nicole 163 745 2.19
Tracey Hannah 167 740 2.26
Nina Hoffmann 170 770 2.30

*Marine Cabirou height data couldn't be found so was estimated from podium photos.

For the DH riders, in the mens, Brook Macdonald had the widest bars relative to his height, with Loïc Bruni having the narrowest bars relative to height.

In the womens, Marine Cabirou had the widest bars relative to height, with Nina Hoffmann having the narrowest.


Name Height (cm) Bar Width (mm) Ratio
Sam Hill 175 750 2.33
Florian Nicolai
183 780 2.35
Kevin Miquel 190 780 2.44
Richie Rude 182 750 2.43
Jesse Melamed 170 740 2.30
Eddie Masters 185 770 2.40
Adrien Dailly 172 780 2.21
Isabeau Courdurier 154 760 2.03
Andréane Lanthier Nadeau 167 780 2.14
Morgane Charre 163 760 2.14

In the EWS racers, in the mens Adrien Dailly had the widest relative to height with Kevin Miquel having the narrowest.

Similar to our tyre pressure data Isabeau Courdurier had the widest bars to height by quite some margin, with Morgane Charre and ALN having the narrowest, but still wide when compared to the mens.

Height and bar data was sadly hard to find for more of the womens EWS field. More bike checks needed!

How do EWS and DH riders bar widths compare?

  Average height (cm) Average width (mm) Average ratio
DH Men 179 776.5 2.293
DH Women 166.8 760 2.22
Enduro Men 179.5 764.2 2.35
Enduro Women 161.3 766.6 2.10

In general it seems that maybe enduro racers are using a touch narrower bars than DH, though not by much. The limited womens data means we can't take too much from it, but from what we've seen, women racers are using proportionally wider bars than the mens. Without extra measurements such as arm length etc. nothing concrete can really be inferred from this however.

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Working out your pro bar width

If you are 175cm high male and want to be a pro DH racer you would do:

1750 /  2.293 = 764

so your bar width would be 764mm.

The amount of data we have here means it's all a bit meaningless, but it is interesting that the woman across the board tend to use a wider bar relatively.